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Port Elizabeth is a nature lovers delight as the city is known for its numerous beaches. Spotting whales, sea birds, wildlife reserves that house elephants, rhinos, giraffes and the like welcome the enthusiasts towards this city with open arms.

People have different tastes when they travel. It has been seen that most people, whether lavish or budget like to remain close to nature and where better to go than the continent that spans across three tropical lines.

In recent years, Port Elizabeth has seen a boom in the travel industry. That is why we have seen people searching for better ways to cater to their customers from the continent.If you are a travel agent or have a travel company anywhere on the continent, then here are some tips for you to take your business agency to bigger heights.

If you are willing to shift online, then here is a step by step guide for you to follow.

1. Get a domain for yourself: If you are planning to develop a website for yourself, the first thing on your list is to get yourself a domain. While buying one, you should be looking for a 1 GB RAM if not a cloud-based server. Cloud-based servers are the best option to go for. They have much higher bandwidth and ensures that your server does not crash easily.

2. Make your website: How to get develop a website, a question that is common for newcomers in the tech world. The answer is very simple. Develop your website in such a manner so that it catches the eye of your viewers. A well-designed site attracts customers.

3. Search Engine Optimisation: Search Engine Optimisation or SEO pulls all the traffic to your website. What good is a website if it is not visible to customers? Well SEO does just that.

4. Flight & Hotel API integration: API integration is one of the most crucial parts of building your website. This is where you set your commission rates and earn money. API is how your website directly establishes contact with the databases of other websites.

5. Ads: After you have finished working on your SEO, you will be able to reach a good number of people, but that may not even be close to your full potential. To reach it, Ads are the best way. Ads in search engines make it easy for someone to find you.

GDS Integration Service 

One of the pillars of an online agency is its GDS service. GDS stands for Global Distribution System. GDS links all the online companies into a single database unit so that they may be searched throughout the internet from any website with the help of API(Application Programming Interface)

So if you can enable a GDS, XML & API Flight & Hotel Integration system in your website, you will be able to solve the booking problems of most people. In the process, you will see a hefty commission flowing into your bank account. So let us go through the step by step process of starting a travel business online.

Finding the Right Travel Portal Development Company 

Unsure how to complete the above process? There are a bunch of Travel Portal Solution companies to sort that out for you. But how do you know which one is right for you?

A good travel portal solution will keep travel website/portal development cost under check so that you get the value of your money. They will also provide you with a dynamic system so that your customers don't have to wait.

Trip Mega Mart has worked as a white label travel portal development company for about a decade now. While development prices at other companies may go up to 500 USD for a year, it is just 1600 USD at Trip Mega MartAnd that includes all the tech support you may need.

Trip Mega Mart builds very dynamic sites that fetch any query within seconds, so you don't have to worry about any customers getting frustrated.

Trip Mega Mart provides Port Elizabeth travel agencies with a travel technology solution and has expertise in developing successful travel portals worldwide. Travel agents and independent travel companies can use travel portal software to book flights and accommodations.

So, don’t wait any longer, start your online journey today and make your dream of owning a travel agency come true.

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