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Accra is the capital city of Ghana that has beautiful beaches, each of which offers a unique experience. The Makola Market, Jamestown, Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah Park, Legon Botanical Gardens, and the Labadi Beach are some of the attractions that bring tourists to this vibrant city of Ghana.

If you are planning to start travel agency online here, you need to have an internet based platform that can help you connect with the travellers effortlessly. You can put travel portals to multiple uses and build a successful travel agency.

What are Travel Portals?

Travel portals are platforms that bring together the various travel services and travellers at a single place. Unlike the age-old travel agencies that operate from physical locations, agencies that use portals communicate with travellers online. They allow travellers to avail services related to travel by choosing them from the online portal. Portals can help travel businesses to grow effectively in various ways.

Benefits of Using Travel Portals

White label travel portals come equipped with numerous benefits that can not only attract more customers towards your agency but will help you make more informed decisions with regards to profitability. Here are some important ways that you can benefit from if you incorporate a travel portal for your online travel business.

Hotel Booking

You can opt for tourism portal development to partner with the various hotel providers available at particular locations. With this you can offer different options to the travellers for purchasing travel products through your agency. You can share accurate locations of the property with your customers. Using features like Google Maps, you can also let the customers choose the best deals available for accommodation.

Car Rental Software

Using a well-built travel agency software from experts like Trip Mega Mart, you can collaborate with different car service providers available at specific locations. This can allow the travellers to book car services with your agency for local sightseeing. They can also use the platform to book car services for intercity drive and ensure that they have their travel plans better managed.

Expert Assistance

Another advantage of opting for travel portals is that you can avail expert assistance for the development and maintenance of your portal. Working with a skilled travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart can let you offer a user-friendly portal to your customers. You can also use the expertise of the company to prevent technical glitches and unnecessary interruptions in your workflow.

What to Expect from Portals?

You can integrate various features to your travel portal and obtain an indispensable tool for your travel business.

  • Google Maps - Travellers often face difficulty in locating properties booked with travel agencies. Portals help in eliminating this challenge. You can integrate Google maps to your portal and share the location of the hotel with your customers. This can help them to find the property easily.
  • Virtual Tour - With a travel portal solution you can not only share locations with customers, but can also offer them a virtual tour of the property that they book with your agency. This can allow the travellers to gain a better understanding of the hotel that they have chosen for their trip. By hiring expert portal development companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can also offer a virtual tour of the exterior so that travellers can check the surroundings.
  • Payment Gateway - Travellers who book services online prefer a secure gateway through which they can make payment for their purchases. With a professional travel website/portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can ensure complete protection of the financial data of your customers. You can also accept payment from them in multiple modes and different currencies to ensure that they have a seamless experience in booking services through your travel portal.

Adding features like this can help you to obtain an effective white label travel portal development in Accra. By building a good travel portal, you can enjoy various benefits from the platform. You can offer car rental and hotel booking services to the customers. You can also work with the industry experts to ensure a hassle-free process of administering your travel business.

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