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Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and a beautiful destination for tourists. The city offers travellers a glimpse of the Byzantine style of architecture that blends with the Arabic culture and is reflected in structures like the Ottoman Catholic Church and the Mosque of Algiers. The Casbah is one of the most prominent sites to visit in Algiers. The scenic beauty of the city also attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year.

You can build a successful business in Algiers if you plan to start travel agency online . But opting for a white label travel portal is important to attract new customers and in turn to ensure the growth of your travel business as well.

Why use a Travel Portal Solution?

White label travel portals can provide you with ample reasons to opt for them for your travel agency business. Let’s look at some of the uses of having one:

  • Better Visibility - Opting for a tourism portal development can enhance the visibility of your business. You can pitch your products to the huge number of travellers available across the online market. This can play a significant role in marketing your brand and helping you to obtain more customers.
  • Customer Interaction - You can use a travel agency software to maintain communication with your customers and provide them with a better service. You can offer instant resolutions to the problems of your customers. You can also keep them updated about the latest deals available with your agency by sending them email notifications.
  • Low Operational Cost - With a professional travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart you can build an effective travel portal that can bring down your expenses considerably. You can achieve more with portals while ensuring that you do not exceed your budget for the administration of your business.
  • Updated Data - By adding a GDS integration service to your portal with companies like Trip Mega Mart you can connect directly to the various service providers and access their live availability report. This can allow your customers to plan their trips based on the availability of their preferred travel service providers.

Essential Features of White Label Travel Portal Development in Algiers

Here are some of the important features that you must add to your portal to make it an effective platform for your travel business.

Detailing of Prices

With portals you can maintain transparency with your customers regarding the prices of your products. If you include a holiday package system to your business, you can provide the price details on the travel portal so that customers can clearly know about the charges. With companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can also optimize the content of the travel portal to make it more relevant to the customers.


Letting customers share their thoughts on your products is a feature that you must consider adding to your travel portal. You can encourage travellers to share their feedback by offering them coupons or vouchers that they can redeem on their future bookings. Posting reviews on the travel portal can help you to attract potential customers and also spread word about the quality of your services.


Hiring an expert travel portal development company such as Trip Mega Mart can allow you to send email and text notifications to your customers and communicate with them regarding their bookings. This feature can help you to keep the customers updated on the status of their booking requests. You can also let your customers know about your upcoming offers through the email notifications.


Offering payment gateways to travellers to make payments for their purchases is another important feature of a travel portal. As travellers would enter their financial details for the transactions, it is important that you implement a reliable payment gateway to your travel portal.

You may need to add other features to your travel portal depending upon the travel business requirements. The more relevant features you add to your travel portal, the better will be your chances of benefiting from the platform. You can work on live data and offer customers a good service using travel portals. You can use travel portals to enhance the visibility of your travel agency. Connect with a Trip Mega Mart representative today and grow your travel business by leaps and bounds.

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