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Often referred to as the safari capital of Tanzania, Arusha is a city that is full of adventures. Thousands of tourists come to Arusha to enjoy blissful moments amidst nature and wildlife. This gives travel agents multiple opportunities to start travel agency business in Arusha. You can arrange accommodations for travelers or offer them reservations for adventure activities. There are various domains of the travel industry that you can explore in Arusha. You can also explore options to start your agency.

Types of Travel Agents

Starting a travel agency business would involve working closely with different travel service providers such as a car rental system, hotels, travel insurance companies, and other travel related businesses. There are various options to start travel business online and work as an agent.

  • Global Distribution System - with a GDS integration service, you can automatically book tours in specific destinations. As this system maintains connectivity to live inventories of service providers, you can let customers seek updated information on the availability of their desired products. GDS integration helps travel agents to increase their distribution over the online marketplace.
  • Online Agents - online travel agents, or OTAs, allow travelers to book travel products from online platforms. As an online agent, you can provide travelers with a large variety of holiday package system which they can book from your travel portal. You can curate travel plans of customers based on their specific requirements. Due to the huge customer base available to online agents, various service providers prefer collaborating with them. This means you can sell products to both end customers and business providers. For this you can create B2B & B2C travel website/portal with Trip Mega Mart and widen the scope of growing your business.
  • Independent Agent - you can partner with different travel operators and provide independent travel services to customers. Revenue in this form of agency depends primarily on commissions. For instance, you can accept hotel reservations from travelers on behalf of various hotel suppliers and earn commission from them for each business generated.

How to Start Online Travel Business Agency?

Online travel businesses require portals through which you can easily conduct your business. Here are some features of travel portals that you can utilize for the growth of your business.

  • Quick Booking: With the help of a GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration, travel portals allow customers to book services instantly. From choosing hotels and other travel products to comparing their prices and making a final selection, the entire process takes only a few minutes on portals.
  • Automation: When you opt for travel agency software with Trip Mega Mart, you can enjoy most of the tasks done automatically. If you need to process booking requests of customers, you can use the portal to complete the process without any manual interventions from your end. Similarly, you can inform customers about the latest available services by simply updating the portal.
  • Notifications: Portals offer travel agents the facility to keep customers updated on all developments in the business through email notifications. Using this feature of a travel portal, you can communicate with customers the current deals and services available with you. You can also send them details of their bookings or cancellations through SMS or email notifications. You can opt for this feature on your portal with Trip Mega Mart.
  • Map Integration: Travel portals allow travelers to locate places on Maps with the help of an integration to Google Maps. After travelers choose a specific hotel, they can find the property on a map and collect more information on the same. This helps travelers to plan their trips better as they can check the distance of the property from places of tourist attractions and make their purchase decisions accordingly. Hiring a travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart can let you add this feature on your portal.
  • Payment Facilities: Another important feature of portals is that you can process payments requests of customers on the platform without needing any third party website. As portals involve direct booking facilities of travel services, customers prefer making payments to agents that they are dealing with. This is why portals must have gateways to let customers complete their purchase. Providing customers with reliable payment gateways with Trip Mega Mart would ensure that you have their loyalty for a long term association.

Starting an online travel agency with portals can add great values to your business as these platforms have several useful features to accelerate the growth of your business. Whether you choose to operate independently or as an online agent, travel portals can let you function with an ease.

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