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Giza in Egypt is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. There are no travellers that do not visit this city on their tour to Egypt. But the crowd at Giza is not just due to its pyramids, but also for many other attractions. The Great Pyramid, Eastern and Western Cemetery, Pyramid of Chephren, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Great Sphinx and the Giza Solar Boat Museum are the other important spots for tourists.

This scope of gaining diverse experience in Giza brings a huge number of travellers to this place. This, in turn, urges agents to start travel business online .

Starting an Online Travel Business

Here are some of the approaches that can help you understand how to begin a travel start-up online business.

Identify Market Need

To ensure that your business is structured properly, you need to know about the market beforehand. Gaining knowledge of the current trends can help you to balance between your skills and the needs of travellers. You might want to offer tour packages to customers but find out that a car rental system is also an important requirement of travellers. Such information can help in ensuring that your agency is relevant to the market and that you are able to do business effectively.

Find Target Customers

Once you determine what products to add to your agency, you need to find the suitable consumers for those products. This implies finding the correct domain for your business so that you can build your website accordingly. If you prefer catering to the B2B clients, you can create a portal that is specifically suited to this target market. But if you want both B2B and B2C customers, you can opt to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal with experts like Trip Mega Mart.

Confirm to Legal Requirements

To start travel agency online in Giza, you may need to obtain certain approvals from the department of Tourism. There are usually not many obligations involved with online travel businesses. But knowing about them is important to avoid getting into legal hassle of any kind.

Partner with Experts

Finding a suitable travel website/portal development company is another crucial aspect of building a reliable travel portal. Collaborating with experts such as Trip Mega Mart can enable you to add advanced features to your portal and attract more customers to your business. Using a well-designed portal, you can gain more output from your business while also meeting with greater success.

Features of Portals

Adding some essential features can help you to obtain a reliable portal. Let us have a look at some of the most critical features that can make or break a white label travel portal:

  • Add Payment Facility - With the help of a skilled travel website/portal design & development company like Trip Mega Mart you can add payment gateway to your portal. This can allow you to process the payments of your customers securely as well as in an instant. Instead of redirecting customers to a third party platform, you can ensure safety of the financial transactions and let them pay on your website.
  • Allow Sharing Feedback - Building a travel agency software that allows travellers to share their feedback with other travellers is essential. This not only helps in obtaining more customers, but also helps the existing customers to trust your brand. With companies such as Trip Mega Mart, you can even urge customers to review your products by offering them discounts on their next booking through your portal.
  • Integrate Map - Another useful feature that you can add to your travel website is the integration of Google map. This helps travellers to gain detailed information on the hotel suppliers that they choose for their travel plans. They can also locate the nearby properties and opt for the most suitable one.

You can add various other features to your portal depending on the requirements. But you would first need to determine the kind of products that will be relevant to the market and also get the necessary approvals. Obtaining a comprehensive travel portal solution in Giza will also involve hiring an experienced company for your travel portal development. Get in touch with Trip Mega Mart today!

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