B2B2C White Label Travel Portal in Africa

B2B2C White Label Travel Portal in Africa

The days when travelers approached travel agents personally to plan a travel is slowly changing. Travelers want to sit in the convenience of their homes and shop for travel services, just like they shop for commodities of E-commerce sites. This is amongst the many reasons why travel start-up ideas in Africa are relying on online travel portal development in Africa from Trip Mega Mart.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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How can having a travel portal tap into the African travel market?

African tourism is thriving and so are travel franchisee opportunities in Africa. Over the past several decades, tourism is one of the key driving factors of the economy of several African countries.

A travel portal will increase confidence of international travelers to Africa

A travel portal from Trip Mega Mart can help international travelers feel safe and protected in Africa. Internationally acclaimed portals with minimal GDS flight API integration cost in Africa along with several other standard integrations, will make any business standout. Although, Africa is a tourist-friendly place, there are many travelers apprehensive if they are traveling for the first time. Partly because of misinformation and more because of false media reports, travelers are always looking for an anchor to support them.

Allows for travel providers to provide customized services

The plethora of travel opportunities in the African continent can be ably supported by a customized travel portal from Trip Mega Mart. Travelers may want customized services. Like a night safari, or an early morning trek to a summit or even a paid forest-guard escort or a guided camp in the Kalahari. The list is endless – and travelers always come up with creative ways to enjoy their vacations. So the effort of any international travel portal development in Africa should be on providing these services.

Passive sales opportunities

Integrating a travel portal with ecommerce stores, wedding planning agencies, event management planners etc. is always a good idea. But there is very less B2B white label travel portal development in Africa on these lines. Even if there are, it is not comprehensive and often leads to security issues. The need of the hour was of a professional B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa company. This is where Trip Mega Mart offered many a travel portal solution online in Africa to help travel companies in setting up a travel agency business in Africa.

The travel agency software may comprise at least:

  • A gateway for online booking and reservation administration for clients.

  • A booking engine for hotels and transportation services.

  • Online payment processing, invoice production, and billing (directly or through integration).

  • A management system covering several areas of an organization's services.

  • Administrative instruments for acquiring and retaining clients.

To Commence Travel Agency Business is both challenging yet simple. Your immediate opponents are both seasoned and up-and-coming. How, therefore, can you distinguish yourself in such a competitive market? How would you develop a new OTA in the travel industry? Certainly, with the assistance of Trip Mega Mart. So, connect with them right away.


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