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Amongst the best African destinations for tourism, Tanzania is blessed with naturalistic vistas, wildlife, culture, cuisine, and in general is an intriguing place. That’s why it is a great idea to start travel agency business in Africa for Tanzania tourism. On average the tourism sector in Tanzania generates more than $1 billion in revenue.

Several times, this country has become the No. 1 African destination for tourism. The way how to start travel agency business in Africa for Tanzania is to fulfill traveler’s excitement for wildlife. Tanzania is visited for two main attractions – beaches and wildlife. Although many people associate the Serengeti National Park with Tanzanian tourism, this is not the only famous destination out here.

The country has about 16 national wildlife reserves, 28 gaming wildlife areas, 44 controlled territories, marine parks and several conservation areas. This number of parks is enough to start international travel agency business in Africa or start travel agency business online in Africa serving wildlife enthusiasts.

Many destinations in Tanzania have been renewed for touristic visits. Lake Manyara, Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Ngorongoro Crater are some of these renewed regions. So one of other ways how to start travel business online in Africa or start travel business from home in Africa is to arrange visits for travelers to these regions.

How to start a profitable travel agency business in Tanzania?

Connect travelers with third-party travel service providers

A travel agency need not offer any travel services of its own. Rather it can be a facilitator. By doing this, the travel agency has more leverage. It can become the facilitator at minimal cost to start online travel agency business in Africa with Trip Mega Mart portals.

It can use the capabilities of existing and established travel services providers using the travel portal development benefits of white label travel portal in Africa. This is one of the most promising ideas to start online travel agency business in Africa for travel start-ups idea in Africa, travel franchisee opportunities in Africa, and travel start-up opportunities in Africa.

The travel agency’s customers can get access to a wide variety of travel services. There is also a healthy competition amongst travel service provider companies trying to get customers.To act as a liaison, the travel agency can do it via a portal built by Trip Mega Mart B2B white label travel portal development in Africa.

An online platform by way of Trip Mega Mart B2C white label travel portal development in Africa can be built that facilitates this. Integrations with travel service providers can be made through expert white label travel portal development in Africa.

This travel portal built by Trip Mega Mart B2B2C white label travel portal development in Africa will not exactly be an aggregator website. Rather it will be a service provider of service providers. In return, the travel agency can get commissions from the travel service providers. This type of travel portal development in Africa at low travel portal development cost in Africa will yield long-term returns.

Use several related portals to assist travelers to Tanzania

The travel agency can expand their customer experience initiatives. The way how to develop travel portal in Africa using Trip Mega Mart online travel portal development in Africa is to make use of several other ready-made portals or build customized ones.

Instead of being only a travel agency, they can become a travel experience providers. This means that the travel agency will provide experiences that go beyond travel, booking flights, booking rental cars, accommodations and so on. The travel agency can also help travelers manage their lifestyle when on travel.

For example, the travel portal can integrate an eCommerce ready-made portal of Trip Mega Mart international travel portal development in Africa where travelers can shop for goods. Another idea for a travel portal solution online in Africais to build an eCommerce portal specific to Tanzania and for travelers to Tanzania. The portal can invite sellers and resellers retail their goods and services. The goods and services can be posted on the site after a vetting or screening process.

Investment portal

Another idea is to become a travel cum investment portal. The travel portal can provide an investment section – Trip Mega Mart white label travel portal development company in Africa can build this. This section will list opportunities for investment in Tanzania. The investment options could be varied. From upcoming leisure centers, to startup travel companies in Tanzania and to five star hotels in the country. There is no limit as to the type of businesses that can register for investments.

Tourists who see such investment opportunities can carefully consider it. The travel portal will only be an affiliate or an information resource. Travelers may view such investments favorably. The high net worth individuals will actually consider buying property, resorts, beach stays, wildlife paraphernalia etc.

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