B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa

B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa

African countries have much to offer to the world of global tourism. The bustling local markets of Morocco, the wildlife of Kenya, the pyramids of Egypt all offer tourists a unique experience of the continent. This creates a lot of potential in the African travel market. Entrepreneurs can come up with travel start up ideas in Africa that can gain traction with the international tourist community. The easiest travel start-up model for Africa is an online travel portal that offers customers the chance to utilize all their services from the comfort of home.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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Travel website development in Africa

But creating a travel portal is not always easy. It requires API integration and developing a full-fledged new website can be expensive as well as time consuming. So, most entrepreneurs prefer to start their businesses with a white label business portal. Trip Mega Mart is the top white label travel portal development company in Africa. They create B2B websites that have GDS flight API integration in Africa. The websites collect information from different flight operators in real time so that customers can book their tickets directly from the travel business website. API integration also works for hotel bookings, car booking and tour packages.

Trip Mega Mart websites are also exceptional in terms of their scalability. A travel portal that operates within local sphere can at any time be scaled up to operate at an international level as well.

Trip Mega Mart websites also have a very strong payment system. The websites are compatible with third party integration. But their inbuilt payment gateway is also high performance. The pages load quickly and there are multiple safety layers to ensure privacy and security of funds.

Trip Mega MartB2C white label travel portal development in Africa is also exceptional in terms of their admin access systems. Any travel business owner or travel agency employee with only basic experience of using computers can also update the trip prices and trip locations on the website when they are updated periodically.

But almost equally important to the functional features of travel website development in Africa is the website design for travel portals. The websites have to be user-friendly and allow for intuitive usage. This can be done only by the experienced and skilled website designers at Trip Mega Mart.

Every website is customized with the business branding of the client. Clients also have some power to make some other customizations to their website but there is an extra fee charged for this service.

The usability of Trip Mega Mart websites does not however mean that the designs are bland. Every single portal designed by them is able to stand out from the crowd. There are some memorable elements which the brand can leverage to advertise their brand and create brand awareness.

Good design and functionality offered by Trip Mega Mart when paired with the trustworthy services from the client it can be a recipe for a great success.

Pricing and affordability: Travel Portal Development Cost in Africa

Trip Mega Mart websites are popular among travel start-ups not only for their features. Their pricing strategy is also very beneficial for small and medium scale entrepreneurs. They offer a number of different travel portal development plans that a client can choose from. This allows some flexibility as the clients can choose a plan that provides only the features they want.

Travel agent portals can also be included with the portal development. But the cost for these is also very reasonable.

Trip Mega Mart clients generally have to pay a maintenance fee as well. This is an annual fee that is about 25% of the total website plan cost. This fee is used to provide continuity of the API service. Trip Mega Mart uses the top rated API providers to ensure that their website pages are always responsive and quick loading and show the latest updates. Additional website customizations may require some fees as well.

Travel and tourism business on an online platform does not require too much initial investment. Much of the fixed asst costs are removed and businesses can focus on putting back their profits into improving the quality of their services. At the same time online travel businesses have a much wider reach than any physical business can potentially achieve. People from all over the world can access their services at just the click of a button. But in order to get the maximum effect of this kind of an online travel business, entrepreneurs have to utilize some smart marketing strategies. They have to create some signature services and target a specific market of customers in order to ensure the best lead conversion rates for their business. So, if think that you have a never before seen idea that can revolutionize the travel space in Africa, then contact Trip Mega Mart now and get your portal development quotation. Start investing today and get started on the career path of your dreams.


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