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Known to be one of the fastest developing cities of southern Africa, Lusaka is the largest city in Zambia. It is also its capital and houses some of the most prominent museums which depict the contemporary art and archaeological exhibits of the region. The most famous Freedom Statue commemorating Zambia’s freedom struggle is one of its kind and attracts tourists every year.

The Munda Wanga Environmental Park is famous for its botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary. With numerous opportunities for sightseeing along with experiencing something new, Lusaka has attained the status of a crowd puller. Staring a travel agency in Lusaka is definitely going to be a rewarding business venture.

The development of a Travel Portal in Lusaka requires a website or portal with the following API integrations:

  • Airline suppliers
  • Hotel suppliers
  • Bus reservations
  • Flight Booking Engine
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Car Rental System
  • Central Reservation System for Flights and Hotels
  • Holiday Package System

How to Start Travel business Online in Lusaka

An online travel agency is easy to start online. When thinking on how to start travel business online in Lusaka, the answers are not readily available. A lot of thought and research has to be applied. But there is good news – to start travel agency business in Lusaka is easy with a travel portal solution. Trip Mega Mart provides travel portals that are ready to be deployed and start receiving business from the word Go!

What are some of the key features of a travel portal that can help start travel agency business in Lusaka?

There are no defined set of features. Every online travel agency has its own unique selling propositions. But at a basic level, the following are some key features of a travel portal to start travel agency business online in Lusaka.

  • Live flight booking – A travel portal with live flight booking is already integrated with all the APIs to provide this service. Building it from scratch is not needed. Customizations are possible.
  • Live Hotel booking – APIs are already integrated to provide hotel booking services for customers via the travel portal site – one of the strong benefits of White Label Travel Portal in Lusaka. The booking facility helps travelers book accommodation, hotels, inns etc. from the travel portal.
  • Live Bus booking – The reason why many people do not know how to start travel business online, is because they get the basics wrong. Trip Mega Mart offers bus booking API integrations to allow travelers to book road transport solutions in advance and enjoy their travels.
  • Tour Management System – Being on a tour demands a lot of personal organization, coordination, documentation etc. A full-fledged tour management system can help solve many of these problems. Those who want to start travel business from home in Lusaka need to provide this solution to their customers if they hope to increase the customer experience levels.
  • Payment gateway – Trip Mega Mart travel portals are already integrated with payment gateways. Once live, the website is ready to take bookings. Customers can make payments for travel related transactions through secure channels.

How does this happen? How to start travel business in Lusaka with Trip Mega Mart portals?

  • An online travel agency can be started in as little time as possible with B2B White Label travel portal development in Lusaka. After purchasing a travel portal from Trip Mega Mart, entrepreneurs can start focusing on their business and less on their business infrastructure.
  • Creating a travel portal from scratch is expensive, time-consuming, and could risk quality issues. Instead of that, using a ready-made travel portal with hotel and flight booking API integration is a time and cost saver. API integration is secure, and can be used to provide geographically specific or generalized services.
  • All travel solutions provided by Trip Mega Mart are customizable. Travel portals can integrate car rental services, bus ticketing, travel package promotional websites etc. These travel sites are one-stop solutions that provide a range of services.
  • After the travel site is ready, even branding support is provided along with White Label travel portal development. The site’s layout schemes, colors, and logo can be as per the travel company’s branding requirements. B2C, B2B, and B2B2C companies use these solutions to plan customer experiences, airline bookings, transfers, tour operations, and sightseeing.


When researching on how to develop travel portal in Lusaka, look no further than Trip Mega Mart International Travel Portal Development and let all your worries be taken care of by their super-responsive representatives. Setting up a travel agency business doesn’t get easier than this.

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