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The largest city of Cameroon and the economic capital, Douala has progressed by leaps and bounds. The historic monuments like the Palace of the Kings Bell, Douala Maritime Museum, and the Doual art gallery attracts a number of tourists every year. The most famous Douala-Edéa Wildlife Reserve houses crocodiles and elephants.

The city has Central Africa’s largest port and handles the country’s major exports like oil, coffee, cocoa, metals, timer and fruits. The Wouri River is makes the climate here favorably tropical. Having stated these facts about this beautiful and lucrative city, having a travel agency here is of tremendous benefit.

Major Challenges for Tourist Agencies

The influx of millions of travellers has given travel agents, airlines and other allied industries challenges that can only be addresses by a robust and efficient web based system that will efficiently handle the tourist traffic. This situation is ideal to grab this opportunity to enter the Flight and Hotel Central Reservation system business

Start Online Travel Business Agency

A comprehensive tourism web based application will be required to ensure a smooth and robust management of all matters related to tourism. It should automate the process and activities of the travel agency and its customer details. All travel agency software needs to be equipped with GDS integration services. GDS API integration allows customers to use the flight booking engine and hotel booking engine of the travel portal to get real-time data. But not all websites can be integrated with GDS APIs. API suppliers have specific website development requirements that have to be met.

So, the easiest and most affordable method to gain ownership of a GDS API compliant travel portal is to purchase the portal from a white label travel portal development company. A white label travel portal is integrated with GDS API. The website is then customized to fit travel business’s brand name and logo and their specialized business requirements.

Some of the key features of the web based application should include:

  • The application should have social media links
  • Should be able to modify or delete tourist data
  • Should have detailed information on inbound and outbound tourism packages
  • Should offer a wide range of travel services including ticketing, car hire, hotel booking, guided tours, airport and railway transfers, visa advice, food preferences and other services 
  • Provide up-to-date information about any laws.
  • Customs list of banned items like alcohol, drugs and other substances that not allowed into the country.
  • Should be able to handle the business as well as the casual holiday maker.
  • It should be user friendly and easy to use.
  • The web based application be designed as module covered different functions of the tourism business. Some of the modules include: Car Rental System, Flight and Hotel Central Reservation System, Holiday Package System, Travel Agency Software.

Here are a few helpful tidbits

  • Having completed all preparations, you may now open your online travel business. However, you must complete two more conditions before becoming an authorized body.
  • Register your travel agency to obtain an ISO number. It will assist in building trust with prospective clients.
  • Consider employing an established travel agency, such as Trip Mega Mart, to gain practical experience in the internet-based travel industry.
  • Trip Mega Mart is a White Label Travel Portal Development Company situated in Douala that can assist you in launching a travel agency.

Selecting a Developer Who Will Provide Total Travel Portal Solution

With scores of web applications developer around, identifying a reliable web-based developer is a challenge. Fortunately, help is at hand. This is where Trip Mega Mart comes in. it is a B2B White Label Travel Portal application developer. Trip Mega Mart is a reliable and sought-after Travel portal development company. They design high quality websites and applications. it is for this reason that they have an impressive list of clients which is steadily growing.

The websites are customizable and special features are available at different price points. Some common features for travel websites like holiday package system, car rental system, airline supplier lists and hotel supplier lists are available. The travel business that purchases a website gets a one-stop destination for all travelling and tourism requirements. They can market their business as a single umbrella through which customers can plan their entire trip.

The USP of white label travel websites is the fact that they are already technologically completely equipped. The success of the business is almost halfway guaranteed. The entrepreneur just needs to find a way to successfully direct customers to their portal.

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