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Monastir is a popular tourist destination that is known for its beaches. The city also offers magnificent architecture that reflects the traditions of the country of Tunisia. There are various spots that serve as major attractions for the tourists. These include the Monastir Ribat, Habib Bourguiba Mausoleum, Monastir Medina, Marina, El Jem Amphitheater, Sousse, Bourguiba Mosque, and the Skanès.

These and many others contribute to the significance of Monastir in the tourism industry of Tunisia. Agents planning to start travel agency online can find various opportunities in Monastir. But it is important to opt for a travel portal so that you can communicate with the travellers effectively.

Mandatory Features of Travel Portal Solution in Monastir:

Incorporating the mandatory features into your white label travel portal will ensure the smooth functioning of your business. Here are some essential characteristics of a travel portal that can help increase its value for travel businesses.

  • Virtual Experience: Placing booking requests online means that travellers would not be able to take a closer look at the property. You can help them to overcome this issue by offering a virtual tour through your travel agency software. By partnering with experts like Trip Mega Mart you can add the feature of virtual tours to your portal. You can then allow travellers to gain a better view and knowledge of the property that they intend to book through your portal. This can help you to gain more customers and ensure a better business for your brand.
  • Payment Gateway: Travellers making reservations online would prefer to make payments directly on the website. This is why it is important that you provide your customers with multiple payment options. You would also need to ensure the security of their financial transactions by integrating a reliable payment gateway to your website. With a professional travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart you can ensure data protection of your customers. You can also let them make payments in multiple modes. 
  • Favourite List: A comprehensive travel portal solution must have the feature of storing frequently searched products. Customers must be able to add services to their list of favourites so that they do not have to conduct the same searches over and again. With the assistance of an experienced company such as Trip Mega Mart, you can create a specific dashboard for your customers where they can maintain a list of their favourite service providers.

How To Start Online Travel Business Agency?

Once you know how to obtain a good travel portal, you can move towards some of the important factors in starting a travel business. Let’s have a look:

  1. Research about the Market - Knowing about the current trends in the market can help you to add relevant products to your agency. You can opt for a car rental system, which is one of the most popular travel products in recent days. With a reputed portal development company like Trip Mega Mart, you can add various other important services to your business.
  2. Choose a Suitable Domain - Creating a portal that will be helpful in catering to your chosen domain is also important to find success in your business venture. You can hire experts like Trip Mega Mart to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal that will allow you to offer your services to both B2B and B2C markets.
  3. Seek Approval from IATA - If you want to integrate a flight booking engine to your website, you will need to register with the International Air Transport Association. This will allow you to collaborate with multiple suppliers of airlines and offer tickets to the customers at discounted prices.
  4. Finding Experts - Hiring a suitable travel technology company to build your portal is another essential requirement to build a successful travel business. With the help of professionals, you will be able to obtain a platform that can help in growing your business effectively.

Starting an online travel business can be hassle free if you have a business plan ready beforehand. The process can get even better if you develop a travel portal integrated with features like a reliable payment gateway, virtual tour and list of the favourites of customers.

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