How to Start Travel Business Online in Africa

How to Start Travel Business Online in Africa

Many entrepreneurs are now looking to start travel agency business in Africa. This is because African countries like Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and others attract millions of international travelers every single year. There are historical sites, unique landscapes and exciting wildlife safaris to keep tourists interested in Africa. Each African country has its unique culture and heritage that makes it exciting for tourists to keep coming back to Africa.

B2B White Label Travel Portal


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Trip Mega Mart is a white label travel portal development company in Africa that is making these travel-industry entrepreneurs dreams come true. They are providing cheap travel portal solution online in Africa which can become successful business models.

How to Develop Travel Portal in Africa

Trip Mega Mart develops white label travel portal solutions for their clients. These portals come with GDS flight API integration in Africa. The portals collect real time data from a variety of flight and hotel operators. This updated data is then visible through the flight booking engines and hotel booking engines on the portal so that customers can make their reservations through the site. Business owners can also add car reservation systems, tour package systems to their setup.

B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa

Travel portals provided by Trip Mega Mart have a number of functional features to make them more effective for their customers. They develop B2B travel portal solutions with full scalability. This allows the business owner to offer their services in a limited local scale or they can provide their solutions in an international scale.

The websites also have payment portal integration. This in-built payment portal is able to process all transactions securely without fears about data breaches and loss of sensitive information. Trip Mega Mart websites are also developed for easy integration with third-party payment gateways if the business owner wants it.

Trip Mega Mart websites also have great admin access. This means that once the portal has been completed the business owners themselves can make some minor updates to their services and pricing list. This does not require high levels of technical skills either.

Their websites are also very fast-responding. Even when there is high volume of visitors to the site the portals are able to perform efficiently without any breakdowns. The Trip Mega Marttravel portal solution online in Africa is also optimized for viewing on different devices and browsers. Customers can book their travel reservations from their phone, laptop, computer or tablet.

But one of the most important aspects of Trip Mega Mart travel portals is their website design. The design is a seamless blend of aesthetics and usability. The design is created to be very easy for users. Customers can intuitively perform all necessary functions through the user-interface. On the other hand the business owner also gets the opportunity to customize and make some changes to the website to suit their brand identity.

Trip Mega Mart has some of the best talent among website designers as part of their employee pool. They can understand the business owner’s vision and create unique websites which have customer recall value. These memorable websites are easy to advertise digitally and the brand can reach a large number of new customers.

Travel Website Development Cost in Africa

But just because Trip Mega Mart provides a wide variety of services that are essential for the success of a travel business does not mean that their portals are overly expensive. White label portals are generally more affordable than a full website development from the ground up and Trip Mega Mart also sticks to this trend.

They have a number of reasonably priced website development plans. Each plan has a set of features it comes with. Customers can pay for extra customizations if they so prefer. Business owners can also choose to integrate some travel agent portals into the website according to their requirements.

Trip Mega Mart’s API service is provided by some of the best API providers in the market. But their overall service continuity and maintenance charge is minimal. Every year the business has to pay 25% of their initial website development cost for the upkeep of their business. This is a very small infrastructural cost for the whole business model. A small investment and a basic maintenance cost are the only requirements to start a business with Trip Mega Mart. If you're wondering how to start a tour and travel agency, this could be a great starting point. On the other hand, with some smart marketing and good service, this business can grow to rake in massive profits.

If you have some travel start-up ideas in Africa then there is plenty of scope for your business to grow. The African travel market is expanding and there are still many unexplored places which can become tourism hotspots in the coming years. Whether you're a travel agent looking to expand their business or a newbie pondering how to start a tour and travel agency, there is something for everyone at Trip Mega Mart. Their flexibility in features, design, and costs makes them the perfect business partner for upcoming businesses.


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