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When it comes to starting a travel business in places like Alexandria, there are multiple opportunities that a travel agent can find. Alexandria is known for its traditions and ancient architecture that is now combined with modern facilities and buildings. It has popular museums and libraries where tourists are seen roaming.

Being one of the popular tourist destinations in Egypt, Alexandria witnesses visitors from different parts of the world. This is why travel agents planning to start travel agency online must have an online based platform to cater to the needs of the travellers.

Why White Label Travel Portal Development in Alexandria?

White label travel portals can help in many different ways in growing your business efficiently. Let us have a look at some of the numerous ways in which having a White Label Travel Portal Development in Alexandria will prove to be a lucrative option.


Using a travel portal solution, you can automate your business processes and reduce the time needed to process services or customer requests. Automation can help you to improve your output while ensuring you are able to complete tasks in the least possible time. Rather than doing things manually, you can make use of the technology and enhance the productivity of your business.

Quick Booking

One major advantage for travellers to use a portal for booking travel services is that they can get updates on their booking status immediately. Instead of waiting in long queues for confirmation or even for simple information, travellers can check all details on the portal itself. This allows travel agencies to process booking requests instantly. You can also send notifications to your customers over email and process their cancellation requests without any delays.

Better Service

By collaborating with a good travel technology company like Trip Mega Mart, you can bring various changes to your customer service. You can, for instance, offer immediate solutions to your customers using chatbots. This feature can also help you to stay connected with your customers throughout the day. Using portals, you can rely less on manual resources and yet offer accurate and faster services to the customers.

Product Choices

Tourism portal development can widen your scopes of adding a diverse range of products to your business. You can explore the market and add products that suit the current demand of travellers. You can support multiple travel services on a single portal without facing difficulties. With companies like Trip Mega Mart, you can also add specific features to the portal to make it compatible with your chosen products.


Another advantage of opting for a white label travel portal development is that you can affect payment from the customers directly on the portal. This feature can help in ensuring that there is a good conversion rate of the potential customers. Moreover, you can guarantee the safety of financial data of your customers by hiring professional companies like Trip Mega Mart that can integrate reliable payment gateways to your portal.

Essential Features of Travel Portal Development Company

When hiring a portal development company for your travel agency software, there are two main factors that you must look out for. Let’s discuss them:

Deadline - The company you hire must be committed to complete the project within the given timeline so that you can proceed with the other essential tasks of your business. With a professional travel website/portal development company like Trip Mega Mart you can expect a well built portal within a few weeks.

Cost - The cost of building the portal should not be too high. The price quoted must be according to the features that you choose for the platform. While there might be differences in prices depending on the domain you opt for, the development cost should still be within your budget.

You may have other requirements when you hire a travel portal development company for your business. With the right company, you can create a portal that can help in the expansion of your already existing travel agency business in various important ways. You can not only improve the services that you currently offer, but can also obtain a much better way of running your business in keeping with the latest scenario.

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