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Marrakech is a spectacular city in Morocco that is popular among tourists for its architecture, natural splendors, and boutique hotels. Whether a person is seeking serenity amidst nature or desires luxury, Marrakech can fulfill the needs of all kinds of travelers. The city can also provide various scopes to travel agents for the development of their business, provided they choose to create B2B & B2C travel website/portal .

Features of Travel Portals
Travel portals have various useful features that adds to their worth in the travel industry:

  • Multiple Integrations - Travel portals allow GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration that makes it possible to provide customers access to live inventories of service providers. You can integrate your portal to hotel or airline suppliers and let customer check availability of their preferred service provider along with comparing prices.
  • User Friendly Interface - With the help of portal developers like Trip Mega Mart you can create an user friendly portal for your customers. This feature helps in gaining customers from different regions as the travel industry operates on a global platform. The more convenient platform you offer customers, the more likely they will be to avail your services.
  • Payment Gateway - Travel portal comes with the feature of payment gateway integration that allows Travelers to pay for services they choose to purchase. While creating a payment gateway for your portal you must focus on security of your customers' data so that they do not feel threatened in conducting financial transactions on your portal.

Advantages of Travel Portal Development in Marrakech
Creating a travel portal for your business opens up a number of scopes for your business:

Business Development

  • Expanding a travel business with portals is much easier because there are multiple opportunities that portals give you to sell your products. You can connect with potential customers much faster with portals as you would find them all over the internet. Travelers today make most of their purchases online as they can compare prices and choose the best available option. This makes it possible for travel agencies to pitch their products to a large number of internet-based customers.
  • In addition to this, a travel agency software can also let you grow your business on a larger scale. With the services of experienced portal developers like Trip Mega Mart, you can add a variety of products to your business. For instance, you can include a holiday package system wherein travelers will be able to book with your agency all required services for their trip. There are many other products that you can sell under your brand with the help of travel portals.


  • Travel portal solution makes administering your business much convenient. Hiring experts like Trip Mega Mart allows you to integrate the most advanced technologies to your portal. This, in turn, lets you automate much of your daily work and save resources from engaging in those tasks. For instance, you can use chatbots to offer resolutions to the issues of customers. Chatbots operate with auto responses that offer faster as well as accurate solutions to problems. With these technological tools, you can conduct your business with a greater ease.
  • Technologies for portals also gives agents the option to create dashboards for customers and administrators. You can create dedicated dashboards for customers as well as for your employees. This would ensure a better organization of the processes involved in your business. 


  • Customer service can improve greatly with a tourism portal development. Much of this is due to the fast pace that you can add to your services through automation. With a faster addressable of the queries of customers, you would definitely win over their loyalty for your brand.
  • In addition to this, travel portals allow you to process service requests faster and better. You, for instance, can process booking requests of customers instantly with the help of a GDS integration service. Customers can choose hotels, flights and other travel products and place a booking request directly on the portal. The time required to process the request and provide confirmation to customers becomes much shorter with portals built by professionals like Trip Mega Mart.

Developing a travel portal in Marrakech can help you to grow your business to its fullest potential. You can provide a better service to customers and also retain them for a longer period of time. By hiring skilled developers like Trip Mega Mart, you can let customer pay for their purchased products and also access your portal in languages that they feel comfortable in.

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