White Label Travel Website Cost in Africa

White Label Travel Website Cost in Africa

One of the challenges in the travel business is adaptability – a much desired trait to start travel agency business in Africa. Technology-enabled adaptability is desired and is how to start travel agency business in Africa.

But there are not many travel technology solutions companies that can provide solutions for this so that travel agencies can start travel agency business online in Africa without relying on manual processes. Travel agencies are left to fend for themselves and they haven’t a clue as to how to start travel business online in Africa the smart way.

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They have basic websites to start a travel business from home in Africa and a lot of manual processes. Some of them stumble upon Trip Mega Mart portals. They soon realize a deluge of benefits including reduced cost to start an online travel agency business in Africa. One of the key factors they consider is the white label travel portal cost, which is often significantly lower than developing a portal from scratch. And then there is no looking back for these travel agencies.

But the other travel agencies, who either ignore the benefits of a white label travel portal in Africa, or are simply unwilling to change, lose out on opportunity. Despite having impressive ideas to start an online travel agency business in Africa, lack of research, information, and perspective makes them not realize the potential of technology-driven transformation of their businesses. They do not even seek consulting services, let alone consider the white label travel portal cost as a viable investment for using a travel portal.

How is it that many unwilling travel and tours companies became readily willing to have travel portal tech?

Many of these companies and travel start-up ideas in Africa are slowly beginning to realize the value of ready-made portals after hearing the successes of their peers and competitors. Many of these successes were fuelled by Trip Mega Mart travel technologies – the specialist firm in B2B White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa and B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa.

From white label travel portal development in Africa to consulting, this seasoned B2B2C White Label Travel Portal Development in Africa firm offered 360 degrees travel agency services. All of this helped many travel agencies and those establishing their travel franchise opportunities in Africa turn into profitable companies and are currently expanding their services to many more niche travel markets in Africa.

The transition to unawareness to being knowledgeable was also because many travel agencies sought Trip Mega Mart travel portal development in Africa and consulting services. By using these services, travel agencies that did not know how to develop travel portal in Africa and how to setup a travel agency got the required qualitative knowledge. Not only were they informed in time, they incurred very nominal travel portal development cost in Africa and were able to start business operations with ready-made travel portals.

How can one estimate the benefits of a travel website?

No of customer enquires

If you are using Trip Mega MartOnline Travel Portal development in Africa custom services for building custom home pages, landing pages, and navigational pages, then you have a head start. It is because first time customer inquiries are driven by the visual appeal of a website or mobile site. That’s why international travel portal development in Africa is not about the functionality alone – it’s also about presentation. If the travel portal solution online in Africa is well laid-out, has good color schemes, has the travel agencies branding themes applied consistently, then customers feel that it is not yet another scam site.


Customers have to be able to make bookings via the portal. Trip Mega Mart is the only White Label Travel Portal Development Company in Africa that has secure technological infrastructure for this. Only providing an informational static site, and asking them to book services on some other site, is a sure way to repel them. When setting up a travel agency business in Africa, no such loose ends should exist. Instead, integrating all types of bookings on the travel portal will increase customer activity.

Check if customers like variety

So if the travel portal has booking facilities enabled, check the number of bookings being done. Check the type of services being booked. To increase the variety of booking services offered, increase the portal’s integrations. Apart from offering staid GDS Flight API Integration in Africa and such integrations, that anyways Trip Mega Mart offers at zero GDS Flight API Integration Cost in Africa, setup some other integrations as well.

Travel website development in Africa by Trip Mega Mart is also expandable. Irrespective of the number of integrations that might be required in the future, there is absolutely no disruption to the business. Any extension can be done at minimal or nominal or even zero travel website development cost in Africa.

All of it depends on the type of contract the travel agency pens with this travel portal technologies and solutions firm. Being a versatile, flexible, agile, and adaptable firm, many organizations find working with such a portal solutions company a smooth process. As a travel agency or a prospective one, you can take this approach too. Give Trip Mega Mart a call right away.


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