Start Travel Agency in Africa

Start Travel Agency in Africa

The travel industry has always promised a flourishing business to travel companies. Africa has always welcomed everyone since the age of The Great Exploration. The scenario is still not different. In recent years, Africa has seen a boom in the travel industry. That is why we have seen people searching for better ways to cater to their customers from the continent.

If you a travel agent or have a travel company anywhere on the continent, then here are some tips for you to run your business agency to bigger heights.


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Start Travel Agency Online

The first thing you can do to expand your business, or to know how to start travel agency business, is to create a B2B & B2C travel website/portal for yourself. This will help you reach a global set of customers. You can always take expert advice if you don’t know how to start up an online travel business by an industry expert such a Trip Mega Mart. Once you have started your travel agency online, which is essentially how to start travel agency business, you will see changes in your business pattern.

Recent trends in the development of travel portals have enabled the travel sector to grow in stages. The development of travel portals is related to the implementation of travel technology in the travel industry. Trip Mega Mart, backed by years of expertise in the travel industry, will assist you in establishing an online travel agency by providing you with all the potential travel portal solutions to expand and improve your business. This is essentially the answer to how to start travel agency business.

The Steps to Start Travel Business Online

Here are the steps to start an online website and get your business going to new heights.

  • Buying a Domain: Buy a domain that can support your expected amount of traffic.

  • Designing your website: A good website will always attract more customers. You must create an impactful design to persuade customers to stay more so that their chances of buying something increases.

  • Flight & Hotel API integration: As you have seen, API boosts your chances of sales to a great extent. You should incorporate a strong API system that is dynamic enough to fetch a query from the back end within seconds.

  • Search Engine Optimization: It is necessary to optimize your website for search engines so that you are searchable on google. Search Engine Optimization does that for you.

  • Ads: Even after SEO, you may not reach your full potential. This is where ads help you go the distance.

So, following these steps will surely help you with your company's growth. If you are still unsure how to complete the process, then consider approaching a Travel Portal Development Company to do your job.

White label travel portal development is a specialty of Trip Mega Mart. They create sites with a wide variety of essential travel features that helps businesses acquire and retain customers. Trip Mega Mart customers can run their business from home without any additional expenses. They only have to pay the annual maintenance fee (25% of the total website price).

Build an online travel portal to future-proof your travel business with Trip Mega Mart, your travel technology solution provider in Africa.


Make your website in your native language (including Arabic RTL).

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