Cost of White Label Travel Portal in Africa

Cost of White Label Travel Portal in Africa

Developing an Online Travel Portal development in Africa would be a lucrative business venture. To Start Travel Agency Business Online in Africa with the help of a company like Trip Mega Mart is possible. Travel agency software integration and complete GDS Flight API Integration in Africa are made simple with Trip Mega Mart's user-friendly interface.

Travel Portal Development


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What are Travel Portals?

Travel portals are websites that allow travelers to search for hotels, flights, car rentals, and other services needed to visit a place. Apart from searching, the portals allow a direct booking without the need for travelers to get in touch with any travel agents.

The advantages of creating a travel website

Here are some of the benefits of some of the travel portals that have revolutionized the travel systems of travel firms throughout the world:

  • Real-time sales tracking

  • 24/7 engagement with potential consumers

  • Analyzing online performance and managing it

  • Payment options and client service
  • Travel Website Development Cost in Africa

    The cost of developing an online travel business would largely depend on the services you host on your website. The more features your portal is loaded with, the higher will be the development and maintenance cost.

    But just because Trip Mega Mart provides a wide variety of services that are essential for the success of a travel business does not mean that their portals are overly expensive. White label portals are generally more affordable than a full website development from the ground up and Trip Mega Mart also sticks to this trend.

    They have a number of reasonably priced website development plans to suit the requirements of individual businesses. Each plan has a set of features it comes with. Customers can pay for extra customizations if they so prefer. Business owners can also choose to integrate some travel agent portals into the website according to their requirements.

    Trip Mega Mart’s API service is provided by some of the best API providers in the market. But their overall service continuity and maintenance charge is minimal. Every year the business has to pay 25% of their initial website development cost for the upkeep of their business. This is a very small infrastructural cost for the whole business model. A small investment and a basic maintenance cost are the only requirements to start a business with Trip Mega Mart. On the other hand with some smart marketing and good service this business can grow to rake in massive profits.

    If you have some travel start-up ideas in Africa then there is plenty of scope for your business to grow. The African travel market is expanding and there are still many unexplored places which can become tourism hotspots in the coming years. You can be a travel agent looking to expand their business or a newbie with ideas of providing a completely new travel experience.

    There is something for everyone at Trip Mega Mart. Their flexibility in features, design and costs makes them the perfect business partner for upcoming businesses.


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