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The Dashboard gives you a complete picture of the backend of the website and the services it offers. This includes information like the total bookings, travelers, agents, and how well they're doing..

Global Admin Settings

The Global Admin Settings let you control important parts of the system, like:

  • Your Profile: Details about the administrator's account.
  • Change Password: You can change the password for the account.
  • Homepage Banner: Make the homepage banner look the way you want.
  • General Settings: Set up general things for the system.
  • Homepage Design: Customize how the homepage looks.
  • Theme Colors: Choose different colors for the system.
  • Manage Sub-Admins: Add, change, or take away sub administrators.

Order Management

Order Management gives you in-depth info about every order, covering:

  • Car Order Specifics: Details regarding car orders.
  • Tour Order Breakdown: Info about your tour orders.
  • Flight Order Insights: Details on flight-related orders.
  • Hotel Order Insights: Information about your hotel orders.

Manage Travellers

The Manage Travellers tool enables the admin to:

  • Adjust Convenience Fee: You can change the convenience fee as needed.
  • Apply Traveller Markup: You have the choice to add a markup for each traveller.
  • Travellers Listing: Get an overview of all the travellers who have registered.

My Financial

My Financial offers a complete view of the financial side of the platform, including:

  • Balance Record: Keeps track of all money going in and out for every service on the site.
  • Transaction Log: Gives you a clear picture of all transactions made on the platform's various services in a detailed display.

Offline Booking

The Offline Booking option enables administrators to make reservations for clients who visit in person.

Share Flight Quotation

  • Send Flight Quotes to Client's WhatsApp: Admins can easily share flight quotes with their clients using WhatsApp.
  • Send Flight Quotes to Client's Email: Admins have the option to send flight quotes to their clients via email.
  • Duplicate Flight Quotes for Clients: Admins can make copies of flight quotes for their clients, which can be used for their own booking needs.

Manage Agents

The Manage Agents feature allows you to easily oversee your agents, adjust pricing for each agent, and review their bookings.

Manage Coupon Code

The Manage Coupon Code feature allows you to easily handle and create coupon codes.

Manage Tour CMS

The Manage Tour CMS enables you to easily handle your tours, offering these capabilities:

  • Package Management: Get an overview of all your uploaded tour packages.
  • Highlighted Destinations: Choose a main destination for your homepage as an admin.
  • Tour Category Management: Easily add and control different tour categories.
  • New Package Addition: Effortlessly add a fresh tour package.
  • Destination Control: Add and manage various tour destinations with ease.

Manage Car CMS

The Manage Car Content Management System (CMS) lets you easily control car rental services, offering these functions:

  • The Manage Car Content Management System (CMS) lets you easily control car rental services, offering these functions:
  • Featured Car Packages: Highlight a special car rental package on your homepage.
  • Manage Packages: Get an overview of all available car rental packages.
  • Manage Car City: Easily add and handle car rental cities.
  • Manage Car Name: Effortlessly add and manage car names.

Manage Hotel CMS

The Manage Hotel CMS allows you to easily handle various aspects of hotels, such as:

  • Hotel Features: Add and control hotel amenities effortlessly.
  • Room Features: Include and manage amenities available in each room.
  • Hotel Listings: Easily add, organize, and oversee different hotels.
  • Room Listings: Conveniently add, sort, and manage rooms within hotels.
  • City Management: Effortlessly add and handle different city locations.

Manage Invoice

The Manage Invoice feature lets you easily create and handle invoices for your needs.

Manage Quotation

The Manage Quotation feature lets you easily handle and create quotations for your needs.

Support Ticket System

The Support Ticket System gives you access to our support services and resources, designed to help adminis.

Demo Version

Kindly be aware that the demo version is designed solely for showing how things work and won't retain any modifications. Your version will synchronize with your live website, ensuring that all features operate seamlessly.

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