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We can no longer think of a world without social media. Moreover, these platforms are no longer just limited to social interactions; social media sites are now used regularly for business and other professional purposes. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat are now an integral part of life in the 21st century. Especially young people are very heavily dependent on social media and with 40% of its population below the age of 15 in 2021, Africa is expected to become one of the world’s largest social media consumers in the coming years. Facebook is still dominating the social media world of Africa, but many new social media sites are also coming up every single day, each targeted towards a specific user group or with the idea of particular form of social communication. But everyone who has an innovative idea for a social networking website or app is not a software engineer. So, we at TripMegaMart have decided to solve this problem with the help of our social media website development service.

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Our teams of skilled engineers bring to life the ideas and features imagined by these entrepreneurs. Our websites and apps are also compatible with different devices and have been optimized across multiple browsers. Our social networking app development team also understands the importance of speed even on image heavy social media pages and all our websites are tested to be fast loading. But the major thrust of the TripMegaMart custom social network website development is on the design elements. The design and attractiveness of a social networking site can be a make or break in such a case. The popular social media sites that we use today have been able to attain their level of success because of their website design. A good social media website will have to be absolutely user friendly. No one will use a complicated site for their social networking needs. The website also has to have its features easily accessible and organized.

On the other hand, the site design also needs to be distinctive enough to spark the interest of the user. Customization and branding are one of the most unique features of social media app development on TripMegaMart. Our design team collaborates creatively with clients to come up with the logo, colour scheme and branding of a social media site to make it completely new and unique from all other offerings on the market. Our TripMegaMart social media websites can also be operated internationally in order to access the highest number of potential users. Many netizens at present are tired of the same old traditional social networks and are looking for new sites to explore. This is the perfect time to venture into becoming the owner of a new social media site/app with the help of TripMegaMart social media website development service.

Apart from Social Networking Website & App Development services, we also offer Travel Portal Development, eCommerce Website & App, Classified Website & App, Hotel Booking Website & App, Bus Booking Website & App, Travel Affiliate Website & App, Hotel Management System, Car Management System, Tour Management System, Hotel CMS, Car CMS, Tour CMS, Job Portal Website & App, Clothes and Fashion Website & App, Hire Bus Website & App, Wedding & Events Website & App, Matrimonial Website & App, Service Booking Website & App, Crowdfunding Website & App, Salon and Beauty Parlour Website & App, Digital Classes Website & App, Food and Gorcery Delivery Website & App and Play School Website & App development services. You can check the details about the other services in the header menu and if they are not available in the header menu then please contact us and we will share the details.
Note - It is a whitelabel product, hosted on our server. The access of the server/hosting/cPanel as well as source-code will not be shared.


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Website Features
  • bullets-whiteEase to Connect
  • bullets-whiteSelect the Right Platform
  • bullets-whiteNews Feed and Notifications
  • bullets-whiteCustomized Profiles of Individuals
  • bullets-whiteIntegration with Other Social Platforms
  • bullets-whiteActive Status
  • bullets-whiteExpand the User Following
  • bullets-whiteSecurity and Privacy
Admin Features
  • bullets-whiteUser Friendly Dashboard
  • bullets-whiteManage Users and Profiles
  • bullets-whiteView and Manage Posts
  • bullets-whiteManage Pages and Page Categories
  • bullets-whiteManage Groups and Group Categories
  • bullets-whiteManage Pages like About Us
  • bullets-whiteManage and Add Emojis
  • bullets-whiteManage and Add Stickers
Add-on Features
  • bullets-whiteAndroid Web Application
  • bullets-whiteAdvertisement Option
  • bullets-whiteUser Wallet
  • bullets-whitePayment Gateway Integration
  • bullets-whiteMulti Language
  • bullets-whiteMulti Currency

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Q: Who are we?
    We are an IT company and working since 2012 based in INDIA. We are registered as 'Connecting Dot Private Limited' under Ministry of Corporate Affairs in INDIA.

  2. Q: What we do?
    We develop website and mobile applications for travel, ecommerce, matrimonial, classified, restaurant, play schools, spa and beaury parlour and other businesses around the globe.

  3. Q: Why choose us?
    We are not your run of the mill IT company, we understand what clients need and tailor our product to suit your requirement so that you get exactly what you want. And since we love to code, you can bank on us to take care of your project like our own and you just have to focus on your business.

  4. Q: What is our USP?
    You can look around and we can bet that you won't find the same set of features even in double of our price that we are providing. We provide best features in the lowest possible budget so that you don't have to worry about investing a lot to start your online business.

  5. Q: Who can take this website?
    Any one who is legal in age/person and who want to start an online business or already doing an online business can take the service.

  6. Q: What is benefit of taking this service?
    Though there are many benefits of taking this service but the most important benefit is you do not need to worry about the development or maintenance work of the website or application, you just focus on marketing of your business. All the necessary development & maintenance work is take care by the supplier.

  1. Q: What you need to provide us to start?
    You just have to tell your choice domain name and register by making advance payment for the plan. And the website will be delivered within 7 business days.

  2. Q: What details are required from your side after payment?
    You have to share the details like phone number, email ID, address to be shown on the website. You can also share the images and text content and we will update it on the website.

  3. Q: Can I link my social networking profiles to the website?
    Yes, you can share your social netwroking profile links and we will update it on the website.

  4. Q: Do I need to provide any details for the payment gateway integration?
    Yes, you have to register with your chosen payment gateway and complete all documentation with them and share the payment gateway credentials. And we wil integrate the payment gateway on the website.

  5. Q: Who will handle the promotion and marketing of the website?
    You have to handle the promotion and maketing of the website yourself. You can promote your wbesite easily on social media and let people know about your website.

  1. Q: What we will do after the advance payment?
    We will register you choice domain name as per availability and start the development work.

  2. Q: What will be the next steps?
    After we make the website live after advance payment, you have make the payment for the subsequent installments as mentioned in the payment terms and we will deliver you the website.

  3. Q: What we will deliver?
    We will deliver the website on your choice domain name with your logo, theme colour and contact details. The website will be hosted on our server and you will not get any access to the server/hosting/cPanel of the website. You will get an admin panel of the website to manage the content and business on the front website.

  4. Q: What if you want the website on your own server?
    We can provide the website on your server at an extra cost. Please contact us for more details.

  5. Q: What kind of support you get after sales from us?
    You will get after sales support on toll free number and support ticket system from our side for the next 1 year. We will be by your side for any kind of IT support.

  1. Q: Who can take this website?
    Any one who is legal in age/person and who want to start an online business or already doing an online social networking business can take the service.

  2. Q: What is the price of the social networking website?
    The price for the social networking website starts from as mentioned above. Further it varies as per your requirement. Check your requirements and talk to us, we will quote you the rate as per your need and budget.

  3. Q: Is the application included in the costing of the website?
    No, it is an add-on feature and can be had at extra cost as mentioned above.

  4. Q: Is there anything we need to pay apart from the charge mentioned?
    No, you don't need to pay anything apart from the registration fee mentioned for the Plans. These Registration Charges are onetime Non refundable Payment for 1 year including Domain Cost, Server Cost, Hosting Charges, and Maintenance Charges etc.

  5. Q: Can I register Online?
    Yes, you can register online by filling a small form and paying through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking etc. Register now link

  6. Q: How much time it will take to get the website/app after payment?
    We normally take 7 days time after the payment date to deliver the website with admin control of the website.

  7. Q: What will be the maintenance cost?
    In the first year you don't need to pay any maintenace charges. After one year, you need to pay the annual maintenance cost to continue for the next year.

  8. Q: What will be payment terms?
    Payment Terms :
    1. Advance Payment - 25% of registration cost
    2. We'll start the work. We'll make the website live without payment gateway. Many things will be unfinished because the website will still be in the development phase.
    3. Then you need to pay 25% of registration cost within 2 days
    4. We'll make the payment gateway live in live mode. You can check.
    5. Then you need to pay 25% of registration cost within next 2 days
    6. We will deliver the website and arrange training session on remote assitance like Teamviewer / AnyDesk and then you can start your business.
    7. Within next 30 days, you need to pay rest 25% of the registration cost

  1. Q: What is benefit of taking this website?
    Though there are many benefits of taking this white business service but the most important benefit is you do not need to worry about the development or maintenance work of the website or application, you just focus on bookings. All the necessary development & maintenance work is take care by the supplier.

  2. Q: What are the advantages of taking this business online?
    The world has gone digtal and your business needs to go digital too. Whether you are already into social networking business or are a start up planning to get in to social networking business, online presence is a must. And we help you in taking your business online.

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