Flight API Integration in Africa

Flight API Integration in Africa

Many people dream of spending time experiencing African culture and wildlife. But planning a trip to a distant continent is a complex process and many people are unable to spare the time in their daily life to complete the task. Entrepreneurs are now trying to solve this problem with the help of online travel portal solutions. They are moving away from traditional travel agency offices and taking the help of travel agency software to set up online travel portal solutions. Customers can access these sites from their homes and plan their trip to Africa completely easy and hassle free.


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What essential features does Trip Mega Mart offer travel entrepreneurs?

Apart from its affordability and one week customization and delivery timeline, it is the wide range of features offered by Trip Mega Mart that has helped it to reach the top of the African market:

  • Every site is carefully designed to appeal to the visual interest of the customer. The UI is intuitive and extremely simple to use. Business owners can customize their business name and logo to each site. They can also request color and font and other minor design changes with very little extra charge.

  • Trip Mega Mart sites can be used on all kinds of devices and still perform with the same speed and efficiency. There are no separate applications that clients have to download for their smart phone or tablets.

  • Trip Mega Mart portals have scalability. This means that the same website can only cater to local visitors, or it can provide its services to a much wider international geographical area.

  • But perhaps the most important feature of Trip Mega Mart portals is the GDS, XML and API flight and hotel integration. This allows customers to book flight and hotels from different airline suppliers and hotel suppliers without spending their time manually comparing prices across the different sites.

  • The GDS integration service can work to provide real time booking in car rental systems and holiday package systems as well.

  • Trip Mega Mart also has a very good payment processing system. Customers can pay through the native payment gateway with all its security layers. Or they can choose to pay through other popular payment gateways which can very easily be integrated with the site.

Customers generally like the experience of using Trip Mega Mart portals. Business owners can also get involved in this business with travel portal developed with flight API integration with very little risk. Initial investment is low and the only significant subsequent cost is the annual maintenance fee (25% website price). Most business owners are easily able to earn more than their maintenance fee within a year of starting this business from their home. In order to make things easier for business owners, flight API integration is included in the costing and the maintenance support fee is not charged in the first year after purchase, it only becomes compulsory from the second year.

So, do not wait around any longer. Give your business dreams wings with a Trip Mega Mart appointment today and let yourself soar high.

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