B2B Travel White Label Solution in Africa

B2B Travel White Label Solution in Africa

Anyone who wishes to start online travel business agency needs a new-age tool that can help in keeping up with the fierce competition that exists in the industry. This is why agents turn to portals.

Travel portals allow agents to showcase their services to travelers as well as other travel service providers. This means you can work as a B2B agent as well as a B2C agent. Portals make it extremely easier for starting a travel agency business in Africa. You can witness a substantial growth of your business using travel portals. You can enjoy a lot many advantages with travel portals that you can with the offline platforms.


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Types of Portals

There are different categories of portals that you can use for your travel business. Depending on the business module, portals can be of two types.

  • B2B –These are platforms where business meets business. If you want to sell products to companies or providers of travel services, then you can opt for a B2B portal. These serve as a marketplace for connecting to potential customers. You can, for instance, partner with hotel suppliers and host their inventory on your B2B portal. This gives the hotel owners the opportunity to reach out to several travelers, while allowing you to earn a good commission.

  • B2C –If you want to target travelers as your customers, then B2C portal is what you will need. These portals are built by experts like Trip Mega Mart that ensures your portal is capable of offering all the features that travelers demand. You can use these portals for GDS, XML & API flight & hotel integration and provide hotel room booking and airline ticket booking services to customers.

How Does Travel Agency Business in Africa Work?

Clients pick out a model they like from Trip Mega Mart’s huge white label portfolio, which is essentially a white label solution for travel agents. They pay for it and a completely operational site with their business name and logo is delivered to them. This white label solution for travel agents is particularly beneficial as the only expenditure for running this business is the annual maintenance charge (25% of website cost at time of purchase). There is no need for a fancy office or employees to keep the business running, even a non-technically trained business owner can run the website from their home.

Trip Mega Mart’s white label solution for travel agents is quite affordable and much cheaper compared to the cost of developing a new website. Clients also get a year of free support service, but from the second year they have to pay the mandatory annual maintenance fee which is one-fourth of the full website price. This makes the white label solution for travel agents a cost-effective choice for those looking to start or expand their travel business.

The designs provided by Trip Mega Mart also focus heavily on usability. All interfaces are designed to be a 100% intuitive so that almost anyone with any level of experience will be able to use the site without prior tutorials.

So, are you an aspiring entrepreneur who has the skills to market and develop and brand identity? Then a white label travel portal may be the perfect business opportunity for you. Call Trip Mega Mart now and start your business journey in Africa today.


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