B2B Travel Portal in Africa

B2B Travel Portal in Africa

Entrepreneurs in Africa who want to make their mark in the travel and tourism sector can do it by creating a proper travel website. But these sites are quite expensive to develop and start-ups are generally unable to afford such a budget.

Travel Portal Development


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As a result, a new form of travel portals has come into existence. This is white label travel portal development. A white label portal is a pre-built website and it has many features already included within it. This white label portal can be purchased at a low initial cost and customized for different business operations.

Trip Mega Mart is Africa’s top travel portal design and development company that creates B2B and B2C travel websites for different companies using white label formats. Clients pick their chosen format and it is customized with the business name and branding chosen by the client company. The complete website is delivered in a week’s time.

Customers enjoy using Trip Mega Mart portals for their travel needs because it has a wide range of features, is visually appealing and convenient to use.

How does the B2B Travel Portal Work?

Trip Mega Mart offers an online B2B Travel Agency network to enable Tour Operators, Consolidators, and Travel Agents to sell items to sub-specialists. A corporation needs a B2B travel platform to ease its business.

With the assistance of Trip Mega Mart you may establish a sub-agent management site for your B2B travel portal, comprehensive trip booking portal, hotel reservation system, online car rental engine, or transport services. Travel agencies can utilize the B2B platform anytime without creating partnerships or completing paperwork.

Individual travel agencies may get comprehensive information on suppliers and transactions from many countries, connect with them to trade products and services, and handle confirmed, vouched, and cancelled bookings, among other features, on this website. B2B2C Travel Portals powered by intelligent technology allow TMCs to increase revenue, reach worldwide buyers and sellers, empower their customers with global leaders, and much more.

Trip Mega Mart adds booking engines to all their sites. These are flight booking engines and hotel booking engines and car rental systems that run on GDS integration service. These engines save customers a lot of time because they can directly book from a lot of different suppliers without having to visit different websites. The GDS service means that the engines run in real time and all bookings are confirmed immediately.

Trip Mega Mart for example has a number of white label models that business owners can choose from. The model they choose will be customized with the branding of their company and delivered to them in a few days. A white label travel portal solution powered business can become fully operational in less than a week.

Trip Mega Mart specializes in creating robust Online Meta Search Hotel Booking Portals that are customer-centric and focus on finding hotels with the best rates and packages. They make Hotel Search Engines that serve travel firms' B2C, B2B, and B2B2C business operations.


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