B2C Travel Portal Development in Africa

B2C Travel Portal Development in Africa

Africa - A continent rich in diversity, brimming with stunning countries and is rooted in a rich tradition. The opportunity to discover its nooks and crannies is a treasure. Every inch of this continent exudes the continent's soul.

Travel Portal Development


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Today’s world moves at a rapid pace and it is very difficult for people to get away for a few days and take a vacation. They do not have time at all to wait for travel agents to plan their trips and make their reservations. Most people prefer to do their travel planning from home, through online travel portal solutions so that their trip will be completely personalized to their needs and the planning will be done as per their convenience. Travel portal development has now become a great way to get involved in the business sphere. The African market has also fully embraced the idea of digital travel solutions.

Trip Mega Mart features that have found acceptance with African customers

Some Trip Mega Mart features that have made these portals popular with their African customers include:

  • Real-time, time-saving booking engines – All Trip Mega Mart websites have hotel booking engines and flight booking engines that allow customers to make reservations with different hotel suppliers and airline suppliers. The sites use GDS integration service so that ticket and prices from different suppliers are updated in real time on the site and customers save time because they do not have to visit multiple sites to compare prices.

  • GDS, XML and API – Trip Mega Mart uses the highest quality of API supplier for all their portals and there are other real time systems on the sites like car rental systems and holiday package systems

  • Secured system – Trip Mega Mart ensures complete customer safety with the help of native payment gateways for their sites which have various security and privacy protection systems built in for safe monetary transactions

  • Compatibility – Trip Mega Mart sites can be used on all types of devices, there is no need for separate device specific applications.

  • Scalability – Trip Mega Mart clients can decide to operate their site only for local customers or they can open up their services for regional or even international clientele. The same site can be scaled up or down, there is no need to change sites.

Is Trip Mega Mart a good long term investment?

Trip Mega Mart portals are great low investment, low risk but high profit ventures. Clients only have to pay an annual maintenance fee (one-fourth of total site price) to run their business. There are no other major operational costs for these online businesses that can be run from one’s bedroom.

Once the site is ready, it only takes a little bit of smart marketing to persuade customers to visit the site. The intuitive interface and sophisticated design of Trip Mega Mart sites means that once visitors come to the site, they will be easily converted into paying customers.

So, book your Trip Mega Mart portal today and start raking in profits in just a few days’ time.


Make your website in your native language (including Arabic RTL).

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